Miss BumBum 2015, celebrates Leo Messis 500th Barcelona goal by fashing her package

Suzy Cortez celebrates Leo Messi,Suzy Cortez, Miss BumBum 2015, is well known for being for a massive Leo Messi fan. Suzy didn’t wait for so long,she stepped in the room and stripped down for celebrating Messi’s 500th goals for Barcelona


She wrote ‘500’ on her ass as she celebrated Messi’s 500th goal

She also wore a Catalan short with Messi on the back.


Dangerous Sexual Positions that men should hesitate if they are not ready to die

Maybe you always have sex or not but now you need to take some not so that you will never encounter with sex accident as Sex should be fractured.

As Mailonline reports Brazilian researchers found the most dangerous Sex position for all men.In all those Positions you like”Woman on top’ is most dangerous sex position, scientists conclude.

Scientists  also have claimed that the position, dubbed “cowgirl”, is responsible for half of all penile fractures in the bedroom.

Here is  avoidable sex positions for men:


Those men seeking a view of their loved one on top of them in the cowgirl position are most at risk of fracturing their penis, a study showed


Doggy style also has the same risks, and is considered the second most-dangerous sexual position for men, scientists say


Missionary, adopted by a mixture of both first-timers and passionate lovers, was found to be the third most harmful






” The fatness of my Butts comes from those … ” Kenyan Amber Rose (video)

Huddah Monroe is one of the Kenyan socialites who have massive following from the Kenyan Youths. Her popularity shot up when she participated in the Big Brother Africa event in South Africa.

When it comes to nude You can’t separate Huddah from Amaber Rose or Pamela Anderson,she is now on snapchat,arguing about her new shape and she doesn’t hesitate to say that her fatness comes as result of the state of sperm she is  receiving! here is everything that Huddah is telling her fans on snapchat.

Amber Rose ” I have got my Boobs bigger plus STRIP CLUB ,what do you have ?”

Whoa! If you need bubble boobs just go and hunt it around  but you will never got it enough than Queen Muva.

Vixen Amber Rose is doing boss things plus boss boobs


She recently bought the popular stripclub in Hollywood ,called Ace of Diamonds then after she jumped on instagram  where she teased around 14M followers. In video the Wiz Khlifa’s Ex appear to shake her Boobs as she is prooving that they are no longer fitting in Bra.

She captioned ”

you guys talked loud enough and they listened. Get stoked AF, cause @sneakyvaunt just launched size DD in their strapless #vauntit push up! Who needs one?”

Her Body don’t miss attention ,after winning all right  of the Ace of Diamonds name,she jumped on instagram again more and gave her fans what you should call the fire ,one of fans comment on Ember’s sexy pic “U not a hoe lol you just comfortable with ur sexy,freaky side stop labeling yourself!!! You just Amber Rose”


Yeah! we know she is just not a hoe but money maker,a walking sexy woman lol


Chock Allegation : Cristiano Ronaldo uses ” Paddings” to make his manhood look bigger than it really is

Whoa! y’all remember the pig with big balls in the world in case you have forgotten ,here is the pic as reminder :

Image result for which animals with big balls

Now you are asking yourself the relation of that pig with cr7 ….the Relation is that ball counts in manhood ,either you accept or deny it.

Now it has been reveales that Cristiano Ronaldo ‘uses padding to make his balls look bigger’ …just bigger than that of yours. Dailymail claimed that Elisa De Panicis who spent time with cr7 in Ibiza (spain ) claims Ronaldo fakes the size of his package in advertising campaigns by padding out his pants.

Cristiano Ronaldo enjoyed himself in Ibiza with friends ahead of Portugal's victory at Euro 2016
Cr7 and Elisa  De panicis met in Ibiza ahead of Euro 2016 ,last summer. De Panicis who is a model  on a reality TV show called Doble Tentacion which Means in English “Double Temptation ,claimed the intimate moments she shared with Real Madrid star.

As mailonline reported ,Elisa said”‘I have a story about Cristiano Ronaldo. I was on a boat with some friends, and obviously I had his number because we have things in common, so I texted him saying, “Hey, how are you?”…That  night, just as I had finished doing things with my father, I was in my pyjamas, he told me to come to his house, saying “Look, come here!” She added

De Panicis also said how she went and met Cr7  then after they  spoke a little..  she mentioned also that they had a good time.

she said “‘I went and we met, spoke a little, and then we had a good time. We had fun, but I think it was nothing special.We had fun, but I think it was nothing special.‘He gave me some advice about life, about life choices, about my career and my family. He is well protected, and has a good vibe around him, he has a gorgeous son, and he knows how to enjoy life.’

Ronaldo launched his new CR7 underwear range with a topless photoshoot earlier this year

Ronaldo launched his new CR7 underwear range ! and as you see package looks better as many women wish. Photo: Dailymail

Breaking news: One Player injured after ‘explosion’ involving Borussia Dortmund bus ahead of Champions League clash against Monaco

BORUSSIA DORTMUND’S clash with Monaco is postponed after there was an explosion by the Bundesliga side’s team bus.

According to Bild, Marc Bartra is on his way to hospital after being injured in the incident, with fears that it was a targeted attack.


Oops! Bella Hadid undergone a CAMEL TOE …..you can’t believe that she carries such bomb down there

Model Bella Hadid has put New York underfire

The model was clad in clingy, work-out gear when she appeared to suffer a wardrobe malfunction while causing a stir on the streets.However, Bella’s Nike leggings also highlighted her incredible figure, and came complete with a subtle pattern and a thick waistband.

Bella Hadid camel toe Nike leggings gym Instagram

Bella Hadid camel toe Nike leggings gym ,photo: Grettyimage

Bella Hadid camel toe Nike leggings gym Instagram




TOP 10 Celebrities Made Famous by Their Booties

Although a lot of Hollywood celebrities are known for their talents, there are also a number of them whose booties have defined their status in the industry and several of them are featured in our list below:

Anastasia Kvitko

Image result for Anastasia Kvitko  booty

Khloe Kardashian

Image result for khloe kardashian complex

Iggy Azalea

Related image


Image result for khloe kardashian complex

Related image


Image result for COCO AUSTIN booty

Jennifer Lopez


Image result for BEYONCE booty

Jen Selter

Image result for Jen Selter booty

Image result for Jen Selter booty

Kim Kardashian

Image result for Kim Kardashian booty

Related image

Tyga’s Ex Demi Rose poses completely NAKED on Snapchat (watch video)

At the age of 22, Demi Rose, who enjoyed a brief fling with Tyga when he had split from Kylie Jenner, is becoming the queen of snapchat as she continues to share racy snaps to her fans.

Just 2 days after her sexy video in bikini saying she is getting ready for the summer, Demi Rose has just posted a picture of her completely naked with two words “Game on”.



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