Chock Claim: Women absorb and Retain DNA From Every Man They Have unprotected s*x with

A new study from the University of Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center just made a blockbuster discovery when it comes to female genetics. Researchers found that women retain and carry living DNA from every man with whom they have sexual intercourse, according to the new study by the University and cancer center.

The study, which was focused on the female brain and genetics, found that 63% of women have brains that harbor DNA that originated from another individual, and are genetically distinct from the cells that make up the rest of the woman.

After a careful study, the researchers found that the male DNA in those women’s brains were from present (or former) lovers. The DNA was genetically fused to the women’s brain and will be there for her entire life.

A total of 154 girls were studied of which 21 (13.6%) tested positive for male microchimerism. There was a tendency that girls were more likely to test positive for male microchimerism if their mothers previously had received transfusion, had given birth to a son or had had a spontaneous abortion. Furthermore, the oldest girls were more likely to test positive for male microchimerism.

However, less than half of microchimerism positivity was attributable to these factors. In conclusion, data suggest that male microchimerism in young girls may originate from an older brother either full born or from a discontinued pregnancy or from transfusion during pregnancy. We speculate that sexual intercourse may be important but other sources of male cells likely exist in young girls.

Far from demonstrating that 100 percent of a woman’s male sexual partners have male cells that de facto become part of their body, the studies cobbled together by YourNewsWire show that even if sexual intercourse transferred cells from a male that later became incorporated into the female partner’s body (which science has only speculated about at this point), it clearly wouldn’t happen in all cases.

We are also unsure, for the record, what motivation would exist for scientists to hide the truth about male microchimerism in the first place.

Heart Touching: A man sacrified his 1,000 eggs per day to kindly feed homeless and hungry people

Even if life is not easy  there  are still people  with big heart and generosity.:
With more than 7 billion people  on the globe some are hungry while others are feed up, it’s somehow hard to find someone who should go hard for you, who should sacrifice whatever he/she has for your single breather but it’s possible. An Indian man become popular after the footage that circulated on internet that shows he and his family preparing 1000 eggs for feeding hungry people.

A video was posted by Village Food Factory, which filmed a family as they scrambled 1,000 eggs in a gigantic pot. The recipe was very simple: a good layer of oil on the bottom of the pot, few large bowls full of chopped onions, several bowls of green chilies and then bowl after bowl of cracked, golden, sunny eggs.

Youtube Screenshot | Village food factory

Afterward it shows a man serving hungry and homeless people on the street. Imagine if all people are like this man and his family the world should be a paradise look like for sure.

Youtube Screenshot | Village food factory

Emotional Moment Bride’s father paused his daughter’s wedding because groom doesn’t have papers

In Nigeria,One father touched the hearts of his family – and strangers across the internet – when he halted his daughter’s wedding because the Groom doesn’t have papers.There are much reaction across the internet because of this.Some people agree with this decision and other perceive this as ignorence as long as they are saying that because love doesn’t ask why or papers.


The Video surfaced on social Media ,it shows Bride’s father violently talking to Priest  and both Groom & bride while ‘Everybody was shocked, silent and crying.


One of internet users seem to be shocked  as she comments “So bad for the father ???????????????????? very wrong , how could you do such?? Someone can help somebody in anyway and other comments “Don’t know what to say, what if the guy truly loves the girl or what if its a marriage for papers????????????????????” and other added “What has papers got to do with their relationship. The man has no honour at all”

It’s not always arguable about what join lovers but there is one sure things that love doesn’t ask why as Celine Dion sang.  would papers be a dismissal of living with whom you loved ?.people seem to have different reasons as some say that Father was protecting his daughter but other say that it was not necessary because they love each other .

Do you think that it was a mistake for this father to stop the wedding ceremony ? or there should have been another way to solve things


The Big Turtle blocked the road

Turtle is one of reptile animals  With all of the shows and attractions, a day at Reptile Gardens can be pretty busy.

As the old saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race.” But some turtles are pioneers, throwing caution to the wind and striking out to be the best turtle they can be.

The footage surfaced on internet shows a big turtle which is  walking  upright  along the street like a human but with slow motion speed.

Before you watch this footage did you know that a Giant tortoise eggs are about the size of a tennis ball and are buried in moist sand or loose soil. At hatching, the babies are about 3 inches long. And It takes a giant tortoise about 20 years to reach breeding size. look the size of The Tortoise Boss




She was left in the freeze for days (PRANK)

Dead bodies are usually kept in the mortuary especially if people are not gonna be buried instantly…

There is nothing very frightening than a zombie or a walking dead person. Your heart might even leave your body especially when you know that someone was already dead and you accidentally see them loitering around; this might be the fear of a life time; some even might get serious mental problems which might take many years to recover!

what if a Model falls in Runway !

Try to not laugh or grin,when you were a child you used to childish by making airplane (homemade) ,you used also to try things of old people but what if you failed?!

It’s that time of year again  : Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has officially begun is a huge buzz all over the would  have also noticed the influx of models in the New York city , if not, they’re the ones that look like stripper poles :tall, skinny and exhausted,sexy but what if they fall ,they fail just like the rest of us look what happened  for every time that models have crawled in the Runway.

Not only a child or a model who could fail cause everyone should fail but it’s somehow more than fun when a sexy girl fail and it becomes a dope story to tell if it was live on tv

Meet the magic Water Slide in Brazil

i always have mixture feelings when it comes  water slide  but i like it even though my friends are always scared of riding…..Because who the hell doesn’t like to ride a bad-ass water slide? Even if you’re afraid of heights and can’t swim this is still a thrill you can enjoy as it requires no effort or skill. As long as you can walk up the stairs you’re ready to stand up and ride with me


We have eyewitness ,Silas who needs to go to the largest water slide in the world,Insano,here is what he told YEGOB Reporter ” i have already dove in  Slip N Fly, Koh Phangnan, Thailand,BSR Wake Park, Waco, Texas,Città del Mare, Italy but not yet in Insano, Brazil

It looks so scary but i know it has some better feeling inside,i have to encounter this thriller for gettting some joy,With a fitting name,  this used to be the World’s Tallest Water Slide, standing at 135-feet tall and reaching speeds up to 65 mph.

I have been googling about  Insano ,and The Brazilian beach park website describes the Insano as the most extreme equipment of this type of the planet. Constructed in 1989, the thrill ride attracts dare devils from all over the world

i can’t wait to ride slide in Insano after watching viral video of a man who took a sip there,i know it won’t be easy but i will be sending you my similar video from there too” Silas from Finland

Oops! Rihanna spotted out as she is giving it to another man

Rihanna can’t sleep 7 nights without love feelings!…. she clearly had a better offer:

She didn’t appear on BET Awards,now TMZ reported that she in spain,posh villa where she is enjoying everything with unknown boy,some are calling her new Boyfriend.


Here is what TMZ reported:

Rihanna’s getting along swimmingly with a guy we’re hearing might be her new boyfriend … and it couldn’t be clearer they can’t keep their hands off each other. RiRi and the guy — we don’t know who — were making out in a pool … and all over each other for sure. The pics were taken in Spain on Monday, where it appears she’s vacationing with him. They’re staying in a posh villa.

The fear from Prank to real life

Is everybody who could be scared ? Could you be in a state of fear without feeling afraid? Is fear applicable to species like rats? What about flies? And how would you know?   I don’t think so but  all I know ..everybody should have a fear of something unless if you have some illness !

Or just tell me that if you should have  been  pranked by Just for laughs with this  Monster  from Sea prank, shouldn’t you have been terrified ?

If you have never been scared ,just get home alone turn off lights then turn on your Television and play horror movie after 15 minutes you will no longer feel alone.

By the way Fear refers to an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.we should know the really definition of fear without experiencing it ,simply by reading science book(biological book). On ,Here they have defined fears like  a chain reaction in the brain that starts with a stressful stimulus and ends with the release of chemicals that cause a racing heart, fast breathing and energized muscles, among other things, also known as the fight-or-flight response. The stimulus could be a spider, a knife at your throat, an auditorium full of people waiting for you to speak or the sudden thud of your front door against the door frame.

Basketball VS Volleyball!!!

These are two of the World’s greatest loved games in the World and nearly share some common features like both of them having very tall players. Some people think that if you play volleyball, you can’t play basketball but if you play basketball you would be able to play volleyball because they think that volleyball is all about jumping high like almost dunkin and hit the volleyball!

The rivalry is settled fairly in this video…

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