GEORDIE Shore Star, Charlotte Crosby confesses to sex with a robot

From wetting the bed on national TV to romping in front of the nation – you name it she’s done it.

But her latest admission may be her most extreme yet.

The X-rated star has revealed how she pleasured herself with a sex robot.

During a quick fire interview, Charlotte was asked if she would ever have sex with a robot to which she replied: “Ooh.”

“I feel like you kind of do when you have sex with a vibrator.

“Technically, you are having sex with a robot.”

She added to Vice: “I’ll go yeah. I have. With the vibrator.”

Not stopping there, she admitted she has no issue stripping off in front of the world.

“I’m naked all the time on Geordie Shore, and that’s in front of millions of viewers,” she explained.

“I’m really comfortable with it. As long as it’s not just a boy.

“I wouldn’t like to be naked in front of a boy when I have a boyfriend. But any girls, I’m fine with it.”

Charlotte is currently dating Ex On The Beach bad boy and Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear.

The cocky lad appears to have changed his ways after rising to fame as a player.

However, since growing close to Charlotte on MTV show Just Tattoo of Us the duo have been inseparable.

Love Island Star, Jess Shears strips fully NAKED for naughtiest shoot yet

She might the hottest girl ever seen in Love Island

The brunette bombshell, who appeared in the latest series of the hit ITV2 show, has stripped down for another sizzling shoot.

Jess, who is still dating island beau Dom Lever, went 100% naked, as well as donning a number of sexy outfits for the Sixty6 magazine images.

One setting saw the beauty go topless while in a library.

The white string lingerie is not the usual reading outfit attire, but each to their own we guess.

When Sex broke The Taboo: Woman used to have sex with her own father before she become the wife of her brother (Sad Story )

Stephania Nyirangwabije  from Rwanda,East Africa used to have  sexual intercourse  with her father since she was 13,after certain time of sleeping with her dad, Stephania got pregnant and then after she gave a birth to her first child, a son.

Her father died shortly after that she gave a birth to their son

Stephania got picked by her own brother and made her his wife

Stephania and her own Brother gave birth to 7 children

One of their children died of kwashiorkor

They are struggling to put food on the table ,sometime they don’t even have a lunch and supper


Sad part of story

Today Stephania is HIV positive and she is a wife of her own brother,Niyonsenga Prothogene  whom they had 7 children together, her Brother who is her husband simultaneously has several side chicks

“ I had no chance at the time, I’m contaminated with HIV and multiple STD ,I couldn’t find another  man ……My brother cheats on me “ she said

The pair both pleaded guilty to two counts of incest.

Incest is not the first time in Rwanda because in 2013 ,Man was  Held Over Incest With 15-Year-Old Daughter

Sex mad show hits the TV screens: “You’re the kinda girl I could bang in a toilet”

ONLY In Bristol will finally be available to watch online.

The sex mad show about 10 Bristolians living in a house together has been picked up by online streaming channel Vimeo, in association with Jackass TV.

And the show definitely won’t disappoint, if the teaser clip is anything to go by.

Viewers can see a sneak peek of the gang’s first night in the house, which saw the group of 20 somethings get to know each other in every sense of the word.

It seemed they were all very excited to be in the house as chaos erupted after they were given a supply of alcohol with three couples ‘banging’ on the first night.

Housemate Sofia revealed that she got steamy with Harry Styles lookalike in the toilet, saying: “We were up against the wall, just having a bit of a rub and that.”

The blonde then revealed that porn star Matt slept with fellow housemate Amelia after telling Sofia that “she was the kind of girl he could have a in a toilet cubicle”.


In the most shocking pairing of the night, gay housemate Jed slept with Holly in the house’s swimming pool after one too many drinks.

He cheekily told her: “I specifically remember you telling me, ‘I’ve always wanted to shag a gay bloke’.

“And I was thinking after a couple of beers, ‘maybe I could be your one’.

The ginger added: “It was when you pulled your bikini bottoms to one side… yes you did.”

It looks like this series is going to be utter carnage.

The show will be available to watch on Vimeo soon, after a whopping 1,500,000 views online and celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jackass’ Steve-O.



Top 10 African Countries With The Most Curvy And Best Shaped Ladies (+video)

African women in general are well endowed and quite curvy. And also In Africa, there are quite a good number of Ladies with stunning figures which wow their viewers and keep them glued to their Images as they see them online or offline. and without Further details  Herein video there is Top 10 Most Curvy And Best Shaped Ladies From Africa .

I wanted that Ass ! This Popular model risks her life to get her booty pumped to look like Kim Kardashian

 Some of you ,think like to get a booty which attracts look is a simple game or just natural but trust me it’s not a simple game nor a natural things,some mode die during booty enchancement process,here is one of Models who underwent surgery for getting  kim Kardashian’s booty.



Jennifer Pamplona, 24, from Sao Paolo has spent more than $470,000 to inject nearly four pints of fat into her bum. The goal: to out-cheek Kim Kardashian’s famous booty.

“My doctors have asked me if I am scared to die from the surgeries, but, in my opinion, if it happens I will die happy and beautiful,” the brown-eyed beauty told news agency Caters of her surgery, which eight doctors declined to perform because it was too risky.

In order to emulate the curvy Kardashians, Pamplona — who says she was a slender girl growing up — has had two boob jobs, liposuction, a nose job and four ribs removed in the past seven years.

“Before, whenever I looked in the mirror all I could think was that I needed a bigger butt,” she says. “Now I’m so much happier. Having surgery has changed my life and helped me to overcome depression.”

Her cosmetic procedures have also given her a ticket to fame and fortune. Pamplona has modeled for Versace, jump-started her own cosmetic line and stars in “Plastics of Hollywood,” a reality show that documents the lives of human Barbie dolls.

Of course, there are drawbacks. Pamplona says that her mom wouldn’t talk to her for two weeks after seeing her new derriere.

“People say I’m stupid, but I have achieved a lot,” she says. “I came from a poor Brazilian village . . . [now I’m] famous and [have] created a company.”

“I’m a good person, I support my family, support charities, I don’t drink or do drugs, I do my best for the world and try to be a better person every day.”

Model suffers major wardrobe malfunction and flashes her Boobs in cheeky video message to fans

GORGEOUS model Elle Johnson found a unique way to thank her fans – by forgetting her bra and donning a totally see-through T-shirt.

The blonde beauty knows how to grab attention online.

After disappearing from Twitter for approximately two days, Elle decided it was time to return and thank her fans for their patience during her social media hiatus.

Alongside a cheeky clip uploaded on her timeline, Elle tweeted: “Because I was gone for a few days and you patiently waited… A big kiss.”

In the video, the busty babe blows an air kiss to the camera.

But eagle-eyed viewers have been left distracted by Elle’s rather obvious wardrobe malfunction after clearly forgetting her underwear.

The Girl with the Best BOOTY in the world celebrates Barcelona victory over Real Madrid with sexy snap

Suzy Cortez, Miss bum Bum 2015, is known for being a huge fan of Fc Barcelona and especially of their star Lionel Messi, and she has confirmed it last weekend after the classico between Real madrid and Barca in Miami.

Winners! Show of @leomessi with goal and the @fcbarcelona far superior. # ViscaBarça #ElClasicoMiami ????????????⚽ My training today is in honor of #myessi and the title of #fcbarcelona” this what she wrote on one of her sexy pic in the gym that she posted after the victory of Barca over Real Madrid

The Nipples out: Kendall Jenner goes Braless in sheer T-shirt

Kendall Jenner‘s a well-known supporter of the “Free the Nipple” movement — and on Sunday, she proved her advocacy yet again.

The model was seen out Sunday in NYC in a barely there see-through red blouse, which put her assets on full display.

This definitely isn’t her first time unburdening her nips — she was recently doing just that at a beach party in Mykonos … and who could forget last year’s hang out sesh with her girls?

It’s about 80 degrees in the city right now … looks like she must’ve caught a draft here.

Oops! The Game’s Ex Girlfriend India Love posted on instagram a nude picture that instagram immediately removed (+pictures)

India Westbrooks is one of the biggest juggernauts on the Internet, having gained fame through social media websites like Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, Twitter and more. Time and time again, she would amass hundreds of thousands of fans on these sites, just to be hacked and have to start all over again. But, as time has proven, that was no big deal for India, because she would gain all those fans again upon making new accounts. If that’s not star power, then we don’t know what is.

In 2 years ago she get fingered by The Game in bash now ,Crystal Westbrooks was on a road to superstardom – up until about a year ago. Then her fame seemed to have STALLED.Well now she’s looking to jump start her career, in true Kardashian fashion. Look what she posted on Instagram – before they TOOK IT DOWN.


Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic


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