A GORGEOUS fitness model makes fans go wild with a Racy workout of her impressive booty


Instababe Stefanie Zariana – who lives in Florida, US – has gained fame across the world thanks to her impressive booty.

The social media star regularly updates her 60,000 followers on her butt building workouts.

Her page is flooded with clips of her gruelling gym sessions with each one focussing on just one thing – her jaw-dropping booty.

But the brunette babe is hoping to take her peach to new heights by starting a YouTube channel and she needs a hand with filming.

She posted on Instagram: “I need someone to record me so if you’re in my area and wanna workout with me and record me, hit me up in the comments.”

Unsurprisingly, the American beauty got a number of volunteers for the role.

“Oh, just the absolute dream job? Yes please,” one fan said.

Another commented on the post: “I would do that for free.”

“Too bad I don’t live near you, I’d be there in a flash,” a third person added.

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