A lion saves a baby calf from another lion attack

It’s evident that we are living in cold world where people are trying to be a predator to others, where rich people  use poor people to raise their own bank amounts, imagine if people exploit and exhaust other! What about animals, about wild world.

lion chasing a calf

Have you ever been overlooked by someone whom you thought he/she was your way of surviving? But also you may have been comforted in some ways you didn’t expect . that’s all have happened to this baby calf,Gnu.

What happens next has become a wildlife wonder. The African savannah’s most powerful hunter turns into a gentle, doting pussycat.

And ready to fight with its life to protect its “adopoted’ offspring from rival big cats. Footage of the incredible encounter between the king of the beasts and its favourite prey has amazed animal lovers the world over.

Over four dramatic minutes, a running camera shows how the powerful lion first hunts down the wandering wildebeest calf and then, once in its clutches, displays amazing tenderness.

ALONE and frightened, a gangly calf wanders on a forlorn journey to find its missing mother – and straight into the powerful clutches of a prowling lion.

a calf walking through grass fields


arely born, the baby gnu has to face many threats and quickly learn to run. A band of lionesses storm. But against all odds, one of them, instead of devouring him, takes him under her protection.

What could have been the end of history is only the beginning. After escaping death, the young wandering gnu sets off in search of his mother and his flock, at the cost of many perils. “Saved by the lioness” gives us more than a saga on a perilous journey, but on the history of maternal ties, the resistance of a species, and the extraordinary survival of a newborn in the savannah .

But it’s not only gnu who has been protected by predator in wild life,we have got another footage from wildlife.com which shows a little monkey that has been kept by a leopard while ,the mother of baby monkey was eaten by leopard .

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