A Naked woman chocks tourists as she proudly parades completely naked through the city in Bologna, Italy

A BOLD woman decided enough was enough when it came to clothing, ditching her kit for a nude walk around town that has set the internet ablaze.

The unnamed daredevil was filmed strolling around the city of Bologna, Italy, unashamedly naked after declaring she “didn’t want to get dressed”.

A popular destination for tourists all over Europe, the picturesque city, nor the residents who live there, had not seen a sight quite like it.

Unfazed by the attention she was attracting, the brazen lady walked along, seemingly without a care in the world, even while passers-by stopped to take photos.

She was seen crossing a busy road in front of the city’s railway station and in the popular area around Porta Mascarella, a gate in the city’s former medieval walls.

It is unclear whether the saucy video was real, or part of a viral stunt – but it certainly caught viewers’ attention online.

“Nice excuse, ‘I didn’t want to get dressed!’, what nonsense people say for a little bit of popularity,” one viewer wrote.


  • Gokudomatic

    Machos will alway find excuses to comfort their point of view. They say she was trying to get attention or to be raped.

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