A Toddler gives himself a brand new haircut….he looks like a footballer star


have you ever heard a story of  Emmett perrin who were left by his own Mum Chanda Campbell  and afterward he was found shaving himself with South african hairstyle.

A video shows the time little Emmett Perrin mistakes a razor for a comb and giggles as he shaves all his hair off – and amazingly his mom seems to find the whole episode hilarious.

As DailyMail reported this happened in Saskatchewan, Canada , Campbell told her son ‘Tell the camera what you’re doing,’ ‘I’m combing my hair,’ the little boy replies, giggling.Chanda starts laughing as she responds: ‘Doesn’t look like you’re combing it, it looks like you’re shaving it there bud.

It’s not only Emmett Perrin who tried to perform the world reselved for old people. here is many children who tried hilarious actions,it’s looks to be funny and sometime scarry.




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