Amazing Battle dance between Bride and Groom and their Marriage


All around the world Marriage is something (event) which is highly respected as it is recognized as union of two people as partners in a personal relationship (historically and in some jurisdictions specifically a union between a man and a woman).

Even though in these there are many couple who end up being separated (divorce), some cultures (especially in Africa) and some religions still consider marriage as something that you can have only once in a lifetime that’s why when there is a marriage people normally celebrates it by organizing a big event so that people could always remember that day because it really a special day.

As we said above, African cultures are the ones who are still celebrates marriage really really seriously as they invite all the members of their families and you find about more than 100 people the marriage of someone.
Here we have got a perfect example of it!! And you can believe us this marriage is really unforgettable as the Groom and the Bride made it memorable to any one who did attend it by doing a amazing and lovely dance battle in front every one who attended it.

You can see it by the reaction of the audience ( i mean the family members) they were stunned by what they saw because it is not everyday that you see amazing things like that.

This video shows how African are proud of their dance and culture as in many marriage they like to dance their traditional or local dance and its is really amazing to see!

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