The Weed Analogy About Gun Control Actually Makes Perfect Sense

ate-night host — and former teenage stoner — Stephen Colbert took on gun safety on the Oct. 5 episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. To make his point that we need stricter gun laws, he used a marijuana-related memory that actually illustrated the issue surprisingly well.

In the segment, Colbert took on bump stocks, which authorities say were used in the Las Vegas mass shooting. Bump stocks can be used to make semiautomatic weapons operate like automatic weapons, unleashing up to 100 rounds of ammo in seven seconds. “It’s great for hunting,” Colbert said, “if you’ve only got seven seconds to kill every animal in the forest.”

Relive Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween Prank Like It’s the First Time

For Jimmy Kimmel, Halloween is all tricks and no treats. As per tradition, the late night host dared parents to tell their children that they ate all of their candy and film it for millions to see. While some youngsters were more forgiving of their parents’ Halloween faux pas, others had a harder time handling the news — one little girl even threw a chair midtantrum. From the hilarious to the uncomfortable, these children’s reactions will make you think twice before grabbing one of your tot’s coveted chocolate bars.

Man wearing a teeny bathing suit makes a terrible mistake while trying to take a selfie

Usually when there’s a barrier stopping you from getting close to a cliff, it’s there for a really good reason.

But this man was determined. He needed that cliff selfie, and he was going to get it.

Miraculously, this dude managed to keep his phone in his hand and his teeny bathing suit on his butt when a massive wave knocked him down.

Goalkeeper celebrates too early and regrets it in 2 seconds

Never celebrate too early.

Case in point, a soccer match between two Thai teams — Bangkok Sports Club and Satri Angthong — who entered a penalty kick shootout.

The penalty ball hits the crossbar and rockets upwards toward the sky, and the defending goalkeeper runs off in celebration.

But as the ball comes back down to earth, it bounces back into the goal as the goalie scuttles back in vain, unable to rescue it.

Just watch—it couldn’t have been a better choreographed disaster.

Dancing Squid phenomenon: Soy Sauce bringing dead creatures back to life


Soy sauce may be able to revive a dull dish, but it hardly has the ability bring dead things back to life. Yet, that’s exactly what the condiment appears to do in a GIF recently posted on Reddit.

Borrowed from a 2010 Youtube video, the GIF shows a cuttlefish seemingly coming back to life when soy sauce is poured atop it. The cephalopod’s body lifts up and writhes in the bowl, prompting viewers to ask: Is it really dead?

Indeed, the cuttlefish in the video — part of a seafood dish named odori-don — is no longer living. The cuisine, sometimes prepared with squid and known as the “dancing squid rice bowl,” rose to prominence after Japanese sushi restaurant Ikkatei Tabiji began preparing the plate in this particular fashion, according to CBS News.

So how does the squid “come back to life?”

The reaction is an automatic response to the sodium chloride, or salt, in the soy sauce. The recently deceased squid may lack a brain, but its muscle cells, which receive electrical commands, are still intact, NPR reports.

“Most of the tissue in an organism that’s recently dead, recently killed, is actually still alive” Charles Grisham, a chemistry professor at the University of Virginia, explained to Discovery News. “In this case, even though the brain function is missing, the tissues will still respond to stimuli.”

The squid’s muscles still retain Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main source of energy for muscle contractions. Therefore, when the sodium in soy sauce is absorbed into the creature’s body, it triggers muscle spasms that appear to make the cephalopod dance. Of course, a specimen must be fairly fresh for soy sauce to elicit this reaction, according to the report.

Appetizing or appalling? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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