Sleep Study Reveals What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

A recent sleep study has discovered that you can tell a persons personality by seeing how they sleep. Most people tend to sleep in the same position every night so find out what your position says about you.

A sleep study done by a sleep specialist in London learned that there are six main sleeping positions and the people who had the same positions also had the same personalities.

1. The Fetus – Curled Up And Usually With One Arm Under The Pillow

Your are strong on the outside but sensitive and vulnerable on the inside. When meeting new people you are shy but gradually warm up to them.

2. The Log – On The Side With Arms And Legs Straight

You are very trusting, easygoing and love to socialize but sometimes a bit gullible.

3. The Yearner – Similar To The Log But With Arms Stretched Out

You are very open to people and experiences but slightly cynical. You are cautious and slow at making decisions but once decided you usually stick to your decision.

4. The Soldier – Flat On Your Back With Arms And Legs Straight

You are shy and reserved. You also set high expectations for yourself and others which leads to being very judgmental.

5. The Freefaller – On Your Stomach With Arms Wrapped Around The Pillow

You are bold and sociable but find it really hard to take criticism.

6. The Starfish – On Your Back With Arms Floating Around Your Head

You are friendly and also very humble. You like to help others but hate being the center of attention.

There is also one very popular sleeping position which was not included in the study but which so many people use. So we have decided to add it to the list ourselves.

7. The Drunk

and What These Positions Mean to Your Health Besides any subconscious personality traits (as described above), the way you sleep can also impact your physical health. Here are some of the general pros and cons of sleeping on your back, side, or stomach.

Sleeping on your back Pros: Great for minimizing wrinkles (nothing pressing on your face or chest), as well as acid reflux, as long as you elevate your head a bit with a pillow so that it’s higher than your esophagus. Cons: Be warned that back sleeping can actually cause lower back pain, so consider putting a pillow under your knees to keep your spine in natural alignment.

Sleeping on your side Pros: Reduces neck and back pain since it maintains the natural curve of your spine. Cons: Can cause shoulder pain, unless you support the space between your head and shoulder with your pillow.

Sleeping on your stomach Pros: You might not snore as much. Lying facedown keeps the airways more open. Cons: This position puts a lot of stress on your lower back, pinches your nerves, and can leave you waking up tingly. Put a pillow under your pelvis if you prefer sleeping this way, to help push your spine back into normal position.



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Street Kid Approaches Car To Beg For Money, Looks Inside And Bursts Into Tears.

Little John Thuo is one of the many homeless youth living on the streets in Nairobi, Kenya. Street urchins in Nairobi are oftentimes looked down upon, seen as dirty beggars and pick-pockets, but John just proved that even a beggar, with the lowest social status possible can have a heart of gold.

One day, while John was asking for money from the drivers of cars stopped in traffic, he met a woman named Gladys Kamande. Gladys suffered with collapsed lungs causing shortness of breath. She constantly relies on an oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinders, and a generator to breathe, carrying the supplies with her at all times.

Not only that, but the 32-year-old has gone through 12 surgeries; one surgery ruptured her optical nerve causing her to go blind.

Being a curious little boy, John asked what all of her gadgets were for. As she explained her situation to him, his eyes welled with tears. He began to cry, realizing that– as difficult as he life on the street may be– Gladys had it so much worse than him. He cried even harder as he realized there was nothing he could do for her.

John took Gladys’ hand and prayed that God would provide her all she needed for treatment. After that, he reached into his pocket and gave her what little money he had.

A passerby, struck by the little boys overwhelming emotion, took the above photo and shared the story on social media. A post that has now gone viral.

Since the story spread, generous strangers have raised over 3 million shillings for Gladys in just 4 days on a Kenyan fundraising site. The funds cover nearly half of the 7 million shillings she needs to receive treatment in India.

But that’s not the only good news.

Gladys has gotten John off the street, and the two are talking about getting John back in school. He said he is happy to attend… so long as he doesn’t have to go far away from Gladys,the woman he now considers his new mother.

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