Azealia Banks shocks her fans as she shares a completely naked pic showing her PUBIC hair on Instagram — Uncensored Pic


Azealia Banks, 26, is following in Amber Rose’s footsteps with a naked picture of her own! The 26-year-old made a major statement by showing off her bush on Instagram, and admitting to her fans that she’s proud of the pubic hair she’s grown out. “When I was a little girl I remember the women in my family having such large pubic bushes and always thinking it was sort of strange/cool,” she wrote. “When I was making #escapades I was pulling from all my mothers references, and she would always walk around the house naked doing her chores belting at the top of her lungs. We would make the joe that women coming of age in the 70s had a roller skate bush ! Ironically – I wrote most of this song in the same fashion….walking around my house doing my chores and growing out my 1970’s roller skate bush.”

For the shoot, Azealia’s nipples are covered with shiny pasties, and she’s adorned in a necklace and dangling bracelets, but besides that, her body is completely uncovered. For her beauty look, the rapper is rocking silver eye shadow and lipstick, with her hair cascading all the way down to her butt in loose waves. Earlier in the week, she shared another shot from the photo shoot, in which she covers up her pubic hair with her leg, and admitted she was “super excited” about the “load of photos” she took while shooting for the artwork of her single “Escapades.”

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