Barcelona refuses to pay Neymar the money they owe him…. here is why


The Catalan club said in a statement that will not pay the 26 million euros provided in its contract as a bonus to Neymar.

Barcelona has clearly indicated that they will not pay a loyalty bonus of 26 million euros to Neymar and his father after his record transfer to Paris Saint-Germain on Thursday for 222 million euros (amount of the discharge clause )

In his contract with the Catalan club, Neymar received a loyalty bonus, which was to be paid on July 31, 2017. This bonus had been included in his contract since last October.

Blaugrana spokesman Josep Vives said Neymar’s talks with the PSG mean that he has broken the terms of the agreement and that the costs, totaling 26 million euros, will not be paid. ” There were three conditions: one, that the player does not negotiate with another club during the last three months before July 31. Secondly, he will publicly express his commitment to respect his contract. Paid on September 1 to make sure he did not go to another club.

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