Blewing scandal : MTV reality Star: called hers co-worker “N” word during Reality Show Filming


There’s a brewing scandal in the world of reality TV – a reality star on the MTV show series The Challenge XXX was subjected to racism – and called the N WORD to his face.

One of the shows “stars” Camilla got into a fight with her cast member Leroy – and the fight turned RACIAL. Here is how people that WITNESSED THE FIGHT describe what happened:

“Camila went off on Leroy during filming this season in Colombia and said multiple racial slurs such as the N word and black mother f***** to him and everyone praised Leroy for just standing there and letting her dig her own grave. Multiple cast members think the footage should be shown because of how well Leroy acted. And obviously to show how disrespectful Camila was.”

MTV aired the fight last night – but EDITED OUT the footage of Camilla using the “N Word.” And today Camilla is apologizing on social media:

Here is her “apology”:

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