Calvin Harris’ex sizzling on the beach


Everybody here knows that Calvin Harris but not everyone who knows that Calvin has dated Krislian Rodriguez.

TMZ picture

The beauty of hot season,Rodriguez has been spotted by TMZ oozing sez on the beach,here is what the media outlets has reported :

Rodriguez got booted off last season of “America’s Next Top Model” for “oozing sex” a little too much … but that feature works just fine at the beach.

The model and former ‘ANTM’ contestant — who once dated Calvin Harris — flew solo to the Santa Monica beach this week to get some sun, splash around, and rinse the sand off afterward … all in a smoking hot bikini.

As we reported, Rita Ora slammed Krislian for oozing sex on ‘ANTM’ … and the model thinks Ora 86’d her out of spite because they both banged Harris back in the day.

That’s all irrelevant to these beach pics, though … so just enjoy ’em.”


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