Cheating is terrible and it may changes you into a terrible person


Imagine you get caught cheating and you start dancing while you have never planned to do that like Tonio played it in this video.

Before I continue I want to ensure you that I have never cheated on anyone but I believe in  restoration of trust and credibility .

cheating does not mean you are a terrible person, but it does make you a terrible person, temporarily. I believe that an exclusive relationship  be a year old, three years old or nine years old  is sacred, not as sacred as marriage, but sacred, nonetheless. You are committing to each other, and cheating violates that trust and promise. And that’s why cheating makes you a terrible person, for the moment.

Anyway, don’t think that you whole life is ruined by once day you cheated, but don’t call “ Cheating “ any option  cause you will be always having a option of being loyal to your beloved one regardless to hard moments you are passing through

bu don’t forget that women Women always know when we cheat….  as Leli and Dre played it in this Video



Now, if you continue to live your life cheating on everyone you’re with, then you probably are a terrible person. If you cheat on your husband or wife and abandon your children, then you probably are a terrible person. In most cases, if cheating was a one-time thing and, as stated, you spent years with “the other” person; your credibility is restored over time. This is also why I don’t buy into the “once a cheater, always a cheater” theory. Yes, if someone cheats, it means they are capable of cheating again; but it’s not fair to classify them as a cheater for the rest of their life.

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