3 Skillful men doing undoable trick on the street


Are all Chinese people aware of Kung Fu ? are all able to fight ? or all having some karate skills ?it has been reported that everyone who live in rural village ,Tianzhu (one of chinese villages) practices martial arts daily without fail. Trust me this should not be a lie.

After a footage that has been circulating on internet of 3 Chinese men  with the best skills ever, sitting on the street with one balancing on each other’s hand ,it’s epic and unbelievable.

How is that undoable anyway, One of black man who saw this trick pretend to imitate by calling a passenger so that he could come and sit on his hand too ,the passenger comes and sit on his hand but they finally fail like mountain of sand blown by wind.



“Contrary to what you might’ve thought, no. Certainly, the Chinese population lives in close relation with martial arts and Kung fu, however not many people are actually keen on pursuing and finding out more about them. While it is safe to say that a large portion, if not all, of the Chinese people living in every province/city in China are aware and know of Kung fu, only a small percentage of people actually take the time to practice and train in martial arts. Additionally, I have noticed that westerners tend to take more interest in martial arts, possibly due to the influence from popular culture, with an image of Kung fu being “cool” and “impressive”. The impressive part is partly true, if you are proficient enough, however Chinese people view this differently from westerners, in a sense that Kung fu is/was a commonplace art often practiced, while westerners see this exotic version of fighting art alien and mysterious, peaking their curiosity.” Adrian Lee speaking to his view about chinese’s martial art skills

So no. Majority of the Chinese population are aware of but are not proficient at Kung fu.”

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