Chock Allegation : Cristiano Ronaldo uses ” Paddings” to make his manhood look bigger than it really is

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Whoa! y’all remember the pig with big balls in the world in case you have forgotten ,here is the pic as reminder :

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Now you are asking yourself the relation of that pig with cr7 ….the Relation is that ball counts in manhood ,either you accept or deny it.

Now it has been reveales that Cristiano Ronaldo ‘uses padding to make his balls look bigger’ …just bigger than that of yours. Dailymail claimed that Elisa De Panicis who spent time with cr7 in Ibiza (spain ) claims Ronaldo fakes the size of his package in advertising campaigns by padding out his pants.

Cristiano Ronaldo enjoyed himself in Ibiza with friends ahead of Portugal's victory at Euro 2016
Cr7 and Elisa  De panicis met in Ibiza ahead of Euro 2016 ,last summer. De Panicis who is a model  on a reality TV show called Doble Tentacion which Means in English “Double Temptation ,claimed the intimate moments she shared with Real Madrid star.

As mailonline reported ,Elisa said”‘I have a story about Cristiano Ronaldo. I was on a boat with some friends, and obviously I had his number because we have things in common, so I texted him saying, “Hey, how are you?”…That  night, just as I had finished doing things with my father, I was in my pyjamas, he told me to come to his house, saying “Look, come here!” She added

De Panicis also said how she went and met Cr7  then after they  spoke a little..  she mentioned also that they had a good time.

she said “‘I went and we met, spoke a little, and then we had a good time. We had fun, but I think it was nothing special.We had fun, but I think it was nothing special.‘He gave me some advice about life, about life choices, about my career and my family. He is well protected, and has a good vibe around him, he has a gorgeous son, and he knows how to enjoy life.’

Ronaldo launched his new CR7 underwear range with a topless photoshoot earlier this year

Ronaldo launched his new CR7 underwear range ! and as you see package looks better as many women wish. Photo: Dailymail

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