Chocking Video: A man get high on “drug” Then chops Off His Own penis and starts running all over the town


Please Don’t smoke weed if you are Fragile AF:

MTO reported a Chicago man who cuts off his nuts after getting high on drug called ” Flakka” which seemed to be like weed ,

“Incidents surrounding the designer drug FLAKKA are becoming more and more frequent.
 On Monday 07/24 evening, Chicago residents were accosted by a naked man in his 20s who cut his own penis off. The man then began vandalizing parked cars and taunting witnesses near the intersection of Grace Street and Drake Avenue in the Irving Park community of Chicago, next to John B Murphy Elementary,Police were eventually able to subdue the drugged up man, after he was tased multiple times.
 ” Media outlets claimed
The person who shot the video can be heard saying, “Oh my God, bro. Shoot his a**. Shoot that mother f****r. This is a time when you shoot people!”
And it was all caught on video:

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