Classic Gorilla In Real LIfe


Our life  is not something we are promised, we encounter an odd mixture of lifestyle in all days and every day, some moments are hard to be perceived other are funny so that you may laugh until you cry, when it comes to practical jokes, hoaxes  or some funny video like pranks of Just for Laughs or more too.


In really life We laugh in joy and cry over pain, isn’t that right? Well, it turns out that it’s not so white-black. Although not fully understood, we can laugh until we cry even though There’s also evidence that the same part of the brain is responsible for both crying and laughing, I am a witness to say that this happens, and it happened with me after watching prank  and this is exactly what cause me to caption most of my Facebook videos prank like” Laugh until you cry, don’t laugh alone, I’m crying ,my ribs hurt, I can’t breath, etc.” You could not laugh or Grin but still your emotion will be readable .Imagine you meet a classic gorilla like this,played in this prank


If you have ever cry while watching a prank or funny video like vine or comedy  ,I would like to tell you where it comes from.. and i don’t doubt that the prank like this would have someone crying while laughing simultaneously


According to “There is a lesions on certain regions of the brain that have been linked to a syndrome called pathological laughter and crying (PLC), which is characterized by uncontrollable outbursts of these two expressions. The fact that the same lesion causes both tears and laughter suggests they are linked somehow, …..other reason is that tear would be a result of   point to pressure being put on the tear ducts as a result of a body-shaking, vigorous laugh. These tears are considered reflex tears, because they result from external factors, such as an airborne irritant or the wind, and not due to emotion. Note : Emotional tears have a different chemical makeup than the reflex teardrops, as well as it has been discovered that emotional tear contains more hormones that reflex tear”

Maybe you have ever cried while laughing don’t think that you are sick or whatever that’s normal and I promise you our prank would melt your tears

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