Coco Austin Displays her enormous BOOBS in Corseted bikini while poolside


The American actress Coco Austin gave her 13.8M social media followers an eyeful of her 39DD assets during a poolside demonstration of The Perfect Sculpt’s ‘Push-Up’ bikini on Saturday.

The 38-year-old model – who’s been employed by the New Jersey bra brand since July 7 – pulled on the corset strings, boosting her already cavernous cleavage.

‘Watch this. Don’t blink. Wooo! Tie these suckers up. Uh-huh! Tie these suckers up, uh-huh!’ Coco (born Nicole) giddily sang on Instagram.

Coco is one of the most famous women with big curves and she is really proud of it and tries to make money from it.


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