Competitive Latina’s “Be Like”


Sometimes in life it is good to be competitive. Competition can mostly help some individuals work and accomplish many things or rather overcome challenges that they thought they couldn’t overcome. The issue is that for some individuals they don’t know the next step to take and when competition kicks in, it kind of give them the path they wanted and trust me these individuals are unbeatable from that moment.

There are also other people who would do whatever it takes for them to pocket the word “victory”. These people crave for power and glory that they can’t tolerate any kind of defeat; they don’t care whether it is a battle in the war. When it comes to female part, it becomes a whole different story. Some of these women will tend to use what i can call the big guns as their last option in order to get what they want.

Do you think that people should be ready to give up their dignity just for victory?

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