Couple caught having sex at an office window in full view of the street four times in just one month


Not once, not twice but 4 times, this couple has been seen romping in the office  with an open window to the street and someone has filmed everything they were doing.

The man, in his 50s, and topless lover have been seen romping four times in a month — with footage shared online.

Staff at a bank near Liverpool Street in Central London — from where the video was shot — are heard giving a hilarious running commentary on their love-making.

A male voice says: “Okay there’s a nipple, I see a nipple.”

Then a female voice jokingly reprimands him saying: “There’s a lady here!”

He responds: “There’s a lady over there as well!”

In the second video – 15 seconds long – the woman appears to be sitting on an inner ledge with her back pressed against the window.

Her lover is seen standing between her legs with his hand on her bum.

A banker in offices opposite said: “It could be a boss and his secretary.

“They make no effort to hide it.

“Proper thrillseekers. Everyone is sharing it.

“It’s cheering us up no end. Who says banking is boring?”

In footage on WhatsApp, staff near the office give a commentary.

One says: “Unreal!” Another writes: “That old man has done well.”

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