Dangerous Sexual Positions that men should hesitate if they are not ready to die


Maybe you always have sex or not but now you need to take some not so that you will never encounter with sex accident as Sex should be fractured.

As Mailonline reports Brazilian researchers found the most dangerous Sex position for all men.In all those Positions you like”Woman on top’ is most dangerous sex position, scientists conclude.

Scientists  also have claimed that the position, dubbed “cowgirl”, is responsible for half of all penile fractures in the bedroom.

Here is  avoidable sex positions for men:


Those men seeking a view of their loved one on top of them in the cowgirl position are most at risk of fracturing their penis, a study showed


Doggy style also has the same risks, and is considered the second most-dangerous sexual position for men, scientists say


Missionary, adopted by a mixture of both first-timers and passionate lovers, was found to be the third most harmful






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