Drake’s Ex girlfriend who is said to break up T.I. and Tiny’s marriage is sending pulse to all men (+video)

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If the word perfect was a person, Bernice Burgos would be it. This dime is the definition of eye candy.



She’s been romantically linked to Drake

T.I. isn’t the first rapper that Bernice Burgos, 36, has allegedly hooked up with! Back in March 2015, Drake, 30, was photographed kissing the gorgeous model while in Australia, and it was quickly rumored that they were dating. She was even mentioned in his verse on the Jan. 2014 song, “Odio”! It looks like they were just friends that hookup from time to time, though, because we never saw them together romantically again.

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Bernice is rumored to be T.I.’s mistress, a report she’s adamantly denied. “That home had BEEN broken,” she wrote on Instagram in March. “And I’ve NEVER dealt with a married man in my life… Technically when a person files for divorce it’s saying they’re moving on with their lives & their marriage has failed… NEVER have I ever been passed around.” However, she did refer to T.I. as a “boss,” and admitted that she’s “there for him” in the wake of his split.

Look around and everywhere of a girl who got Drizzy and T.I unzip their pants



If we analyse the sexual life of Bernice,we can not get a right answer than using her convo with XXL magazine,here is what she told this media outlets :

On being a sucker for romantic things: Yeah, I like romantic things. What woman doesn’t? My favorite is flowers and perfume. Roses and all that, I love that.

On favorite body part:
What’s your favorite body part?
I really love my back. I think a person’s back is so sexy. Even when I see women’s backs with tattoos and everything . . . a nice long tattoo is just so sexy, especially when you have nice skin.

On taking control in the bedroom:: I like when we both take control. I like the energy when two people are together, especially when they are really into each other.

On favorite position:We’re gonna have crazy sex no matter what. I got all type of favorites. Wherever we’re at, whatever we’re doing. To tell you the truth doggystyle, all that shit is wack too. It’s been the same the same thing for years, it’s 2011 come on now.

On craziest place she’s had sex: In the car, the person driving just told me to get on top on him while he was driving. I started riding him, while he was still driving doing like 80 on the highway. It was like 3 o’clock in the morning. I was scared for a little bit and I just got into it. Having sex in the car when your partner’s driving . . . oooh that is the bomb! It was no tinted windows either.

On foreplay: Foreplay is the key to everybody’s relationship. Foreplay is very important because that’s how you start doing the fucking. When you go from loving the person to fucking the person it’s very important.

On finding women attractive: Yeah of course, I’m not trying to say I’m bi-sexual. I love bodies. I love women who take care of their bodies. I don’t talk about people like, ‘Oh she got fake titties, she got a fake ass,’ listen if it looks good on you and you look you hot simple as that.

On implants: My butt is not that big. I don’t have a huge butt to me. I work out a lot. I have implants in my titties. From working a lot I have to. Being a model, they tell you wear this jacket and wear this shirt without a bra. I had titties, but they wasn’t sitting up there. I had to get that fixed. That was the best thing I ever did in my life. I love my titties. I love when girls have nice perky titties and wearing no bra, it’s so sexy to me. I feel sexy when I go to sleep at night. I love wearing panties and bras and little T-shirts I love seeing myself.

On dream celebrity date: Pharell, he has a good swag. I like the way he raps. It’s just like little things about him to me. His dressing is really cute to me and he’s really handsome.

On celebrity crush: Kim Kardashian – I like her fat ass, she got a cute fat donkey.

On rough sex or sensual sex: I like it rough. But I like both. Rough sex makes me so horny, you just want it especially when they have a big one, when they holding down there, when they have something.



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