Emotional Moment Bride’s father paused his daughter’s wedding because groom doesn’t have papers


In Nigeria,One father touched the hearts of his family – and strangers across the internet – when he halted his daughter’s wedding because the Groom doesn’t have papers.There are much reaction across the internet because of this.Some people agree with this decision and other perceive this as ignorence as long as they are saying that because love doesn’t ask why or papers.


The Video surfaced on social Media ,it shows Bride’s father violently talking to Priest  and both Groom & bride while ‘Everybody was shocked, silent and crying.


One of internet users seem to be shocked  as she comments “So bad for the father ???????????????????? very wrong , how could you do such?? Someone can help somebody in anyway and other comments “Don’t know what to say, what if the guy truly loves the girl or what if its a marriage for papers????????????????????” and other added “What has papers got to do with their relationship. The man has no honour at all”

It’s not always arguable about what join lovers but there is one sure things that love doesn’t ask why as Celine Dion sang.  would papers be a dismissal of living with whom you loved ?.people seem to have different reasons as some say that Father was protecting his daughter but other say that it was not necessary because they love each other .

Do you think that it was a mistake for this father to stop the wedding ceremony ? or there should have been another way to solve things


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