Extremely hottest women Mario Balotelli has slept with (+Video)

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There isn’t much to say about on-loan Nice  striker Mario Balotelli that hasn’t already been said. Known for his excessive partying, attitude, turbulent love life and sometimes his footballing ability, Balotelli has well and truly taken advantage of his high stature in the football work.

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It’s sometimes lost just how good of a footballer Super Mario is given how often he features in the tabloids; we can’t forget that this is a title-winning striker who leads from the front for Italy’s international team.

Despite his footballing ability, his antics often overshadow his skills on the pitch, especially when it comes to his endless list of romantic partners and these are just the ones that make it to the media we’re talking about.

It’s no surprise that someone of his status has dated plenty of gorgeous women, but no other footballer comes close to matching him for both quality and quantity when it comes to pursuing the opposite gender.

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However, so many high-profile relationships with gorgeous women brings plenty of drama, as the mixed-up striker has been caught out cheating multiple times, pestering women on social media and has even tried to avoid his responsibilities as a father.

Nevertheless, one thing you can’t take away from Balotelli is his taste in women, having been reported to be dating a number of gorgeous women throughout his time with Internazionale, Manchester City, AC Milan and Liverpool.

Herein  Video  there 17  hottest women Mario Balotelli has hooked up with – it was hard to trim it down to just 17.

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