Fear of Killer karaoke inside snake tank


The  woman sing Redneck Woman while swimming with the snakes. Killer Karaoke features contestants challenged to perform their favorite songs in extreme and outrageous circumstances. Steve-O hosts this hilarious adventure of karaoke gone wild.

In real life ,Fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias, yet many people have never seen a snake in person. So how is this fear generated? before i tell you how this is generated ,would do you dare to sink in snake tank for certain money ? how much would you accept for getting 100-200 little snakes.


From livescience.com :

Being afraid of snakes seems to be a physiological response and people have been shown to be more open to developing a phobia to them.

Prof Lipp said laboratory testing had confirmed people could develop a fear of snakes and spiders much more quickly than to other animals. It is also more difficult to treat these phobias.

“It is more difficult to get rid of a fear of spiders and snakes than other fears, such as fear of fish or birds,” he said.When it comes to other phobias, Prof Lipp said this was often related to a negative experience, which mostly happened when people were young, or which they witnessed.In the case of something like moths, someone’s phobia could have developed because their first experience was of one flying into their face or hair. Or they could be around other people who are afraid of moths.

“If they see other people responding fearfully, especially if children see this, they can learn their fears vicariously,” he said.“If we know anything about fear and anxiety, it is that it is a learned response.”



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