Feeling ashamed of your past pics? Check these out!


PEOPLE have taken to the internet to share the cringe-worthy style disasters from their awkward school days.

From a girl with oversized round specs and a mullet, to three ‘blunder brothers’ wearing high-waisted neon trackies – these toe-curling retro fashion fails will have you howling.

 A gallery of retro fashion fails has been shared on Imgur

A gallery of retro fashion fails has been shared on Imgur

The pictures were all shared on Reddit, and have been compiled in an Imgur gallery appropriately called The Blunder Years.

One of the photos is captioned: “I’m reaaaaaly glad my parents still have this on their fridge”, and dated from 1998.

It shows one poor lad sporting a prominent overbite and fluffy, dyed blonde locks.

These are some of our favourites…

Blonde ambition

Three’s a crowd


Diddly squat


Eye say!

Brace yourselves

Winging it


Like father like son

Artistic expression

Suits you

The dark days

He’s on fire

Plait attack


Young love

One man band

Does what it says on the tin

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