Forget about the lies : 52% of women think THIS is the perfect penis size


Do chicks really want a monster ding dong, or are they after something more nimble and agile? Is length what matters, or is girth the name of the game? These are the questions that have plagued mankind for years, but now science has finally given us the answers.

If you’re looking to impress the ladies you better brush up on what they find attractive.

As Dailystar reported they quizzed thousands of women about their top sexual preferences and the results were truly shocking.We all know the average penis size is about 5.2 inches (13.2cm) when erect, but would women secretly like something bigger?Forget what you’ve heard about being rugged and ripped, here’s the truth about what women consider important in a prospective lover.

According to nearly 50,000 people who took our perfect penis size poll, a few more inches wouldn’t go amiss but it’s not necessarily the bigger the better.

Nearly a third (31%) were perfectly happy with the average length but an overwhelming majority (52%) reckoned 6-8 inches was the prime schlong size.

A measly 3% thought a todger measuring 2-4 inches was best but at the same time just 5% wanted a guy’s manhood to be bigger than 10 inches – so it seems women really do like a penis that’s closer to the average.

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