Former Adult Films star Farrah Abraham has got Ass Grabbed by Frenchy Morgan

Reality TV star Farrah Abraham who  alleged that she was raped, drugged and abused by co-porn star James Deen, leaving her so traumatized that she has undergone intensive therapy now is taking a break at poolside alongside Frenchy Morgan where they are getting butt smacks

AS TMZ reported Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ alum Frenchy Morgan clearly had no idea cameras where trained on them as Frenchy grabbed a piece of Farrah’s famous ass.

The thirsty pair were hanging at a Vegas pool Saturday, soaking up attention for anyone in the market to watch.

Farrah was there for the Backdoor Key launch party — seriously.  It’s a shindig a Crazy Horse III, a Sin City gentleman’s club.

Good to know Farrah’s rebounding in the cash department after loosing money on her L.A. pad. 

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