Grabbing the shark like a boss


We Found some lost footage. The release of my 11’5 dusky from 2016, video is poor quality. After 4 days of hardcore fishing we were completely beat, on the last day we woke up to 4-5′ swells, 25-35mph winds, chocolate brown water, and a wicked current so we started to pack up.

We had one big bait left in the cooler, still to this day I have no idea what motivated me to yak in those gnarly conditions. Brutal 58° water temps with a 30-40° air temp. Everything was packed up and we were literally 5-10mins away from leaving, the lone bait in the water gets crushed by this 11’5 dinosaur of a dusky.


Absolute raw power, very sloppy release lol… I could not tell you how exhausted we were. That day is forever burned into my memory, extremely blessed to fish with such awesome friends.”

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