Hare are Top 10 Countries With HIV in the World 2017 – (African countries dominate list)

While the number of people newly diagnosed with HIV infection in the world has fallen by about a third since 2000, HIV remains a significant health problem. According to the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, there were almost 37 million people around the world living with HIV/AIDS in 2014. The spread of HIV encompasses every country, but several sub-Saharan African nations have been the hardest hit, including Swaziland, South Africa and Lesotho. Depending on how the statistics are compiled, the order of the top 10 nations can vary, but these countries have been particularly ravaged by HIV/AIDS.

1.South Africa : Number of infected persons =


2.Nigeria : Number of infected persons=


3.India : number of infected persons =


4.Kenya: number of infected persons = 1,500,000

5.Mozambique : number of infected persons =


6. Tanzania : number of infected persons =


7.Uganda : number of infected persons=1,200,000

8.United States : number of infected =1,200,000

9.Zimbabwe : number of infected  persons =


10.Russia : number of infected persons =



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