Heart Touching: A man sacrified his 1,000 eggs per day to kindly feed homeless and hungry people

Even if life is not easy  there  are still people  with big heart and generosity.:
With more than 7 billion people  on the globe some are hungry while others are feed up, it’s somehow hard to find someone who should go hard for you, who should sacrifice whatever he/she has for your single breather but it’s possible. An Indian man become popular after the footage that circulated on internet that shows he and his family preparing 1000 eggs for feeding hungry people.

A video was posted by Village Food Factory, which filmed a family as they scrambled 1,000 eggs in a gigantic pot. The recipe was very simple: a good layer of oil on the bottom of the pot, few large bowls full of chopped onions, several bowls of green chilies and then bowl after bowl of cracked, golden, sunny eggs.
Youtube Screenshot | Village food factory
Afterward it shows a man serving hungry and homeless people on the street. Imagine if all people are like this man and his family the world should be a paradise look like for sure.
Youtube Screenshot | Village food factory

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