Here’s why it’s dangerous to use WI-FI Internet connection.

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They are odorless and colorless. But are they all harmless? Electromagnetic waves are everywhere.Mobile phones, wireless, Wi-Fi, tablets, game consoles … And the more radio frequencies invade our daily lives, the more they arouse mistrust and worry.While the telephone operators are deploying 4G which allows to download in a few seconds movies on his mobile and serve all rural areas, environmental associations and environmentalists are sad that no health impact study and has been launched to date.

The Wifi emits on a microwave carrier of 2.45 Giga Hertz (exactly the stirring frequency of the water molecules used in the microwave ovens from which it comes): a large density of very low frequencies, which are “Pulsed by saccades”, transmit the information texts, sounds and images. But this technology is totally incompatible with health, even at 0.1Volt / meter. In short, you live in a house transformed into a large microwave oven!

In fact, it is the nature of the signal that is toxic and not the intensity of Wifi, which even at very low power, disrupts physiological processes and destroys biochemical structures, resulting in loss of watertightness of the blood-brain barrier. , a drop in production of melatonin and acetylcholine (masters of sleep, memory, concentration …) and irreversible genetic damage.

It has also been proven that the biological effect of these composite emissions is reflected in the production of stress proteins with resonance on the brain Delta waves. Several double-blind studies have described the syndrome of electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) as a neurological disorder without any connection to the psyche. Several studies even focus on animals (storks, cattle, frogs …) and flora. Common symptoms are insomnia, headaches, loss of concentration and memory, heart problems and mood.

As EHS has been found to cause physical harm to an average of 6% of individuals, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, WHO and several states in the US have classified EHS as a physiological disorder and not psychological.

The WHO, in 2011, even classified these waves as “possible carcinogen”. In addition, there are now many scientific works that show that this type of wave can cause cancer of the brain, thyroid, parotid gland … etc. Since the 1960s, the military has called these health effects the “microwave syndrome”.

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