Huge struggle every woman with big boobs stuggle with every single day!


Although having big breasts may be envied by women who lack the accessory, big breasts aren’t always as good or as bad as they may seem. If you are in the double D and up club this is definitely a message for you! Here is a list of ten things that only women with big breasts can understand.

1. Going strapless, backless, and bikini tops are completely out of the question.

You have to wear a bra at all times, however, seeing your bra under any of these is declared tacky!

2. The daily question of, “Does your back hurt?”

No, not at all! I’m just carrying nearly 20 lbs of extra-ness around without using my arms. (Sarcasm)

3. Everyone is staring!

People are not only going to stare, but some people are blatantly going to gawk. Boys, girls, and especially babies!

4. Buttoned down blouses can either be your best friend or your worst enemy!

If you happen to find a button up blouse that fits perfectly, you will probably wear it a lot. For us girls who haven’t been so lucky, here comes the undershirt and the half way button up to save the day.

5. Security bars on roller coaster don’t help..

Going to Six Flags and getting on the Superman ride will instantly make you want to chop them off and leave them in line in order to feel comfortable!

6. Running up and or down stairs.

It’s like drugs…Just Don’t Do It!

7. Food mysteriously falling into or appearing in your bra.

Your boobs basically have great rebound skills.

8. Doubling up on bras just to exercise or simply just for GP

Because your Racks on Racks on Racks need Support on Support on Support!

9. Hugging your friends becomes the  biggest task!


10. The luxurious euphoric feeling you gain from unsnapping your bra through your shirt and flinging it across the room, while your boobs are screaming, “FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY WE ARE FREE AT LAST!”\

11. You know there is no point going to a bra sale at your local department store; they don’t even stock your size at the best of times.

You hate going to the beach, not because everyone will stare at your chest but because your entire bust rests on the single knot digging in to the back of your neck. And it hurts.

Button up shirts are also problematic. Every single one of them gapes at the bust, so you have two options—buy one that fits beautifully everywhere and try to hold the gape together with a safety pin, or buy one a size too big that just looks saggy.

When people look at your chest and say, “You’re so lucky, I wish I had big boobs,” you’re like, “No.”


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