“Ice Bucket challenge left my mum in tears” confession


The ice bucket sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an activity involving the dumping of a bucket of ice and water over a person’s head, either by another person or self-administrated, at  its was created with  intention of raising money for charity but so far  some people are conducting this challenge as leisure as Amina who conducted this challenge to her Mum told YEGOB


“it was somehow sick stuff…….i have challenged my sibling with “try not to laugh challenge” but i didn’t get the real meaning of “challenge” before I challenged my mum with “ ice bucket challenge” “ Amina confessed

“I don’t know how this comes into my mind but I decided to do it after watching multiple video on YouTube, I really like to make something uncustomary at home so this was my next approach to make them say my name again hahah” she continues with laughing voice.


“I challenge my mum with the bucket full of water and ice, for her it was somehow surprise because she didn’t think that I can do such act ,she cried with laughs  and I was like “ she get hurt” my mum is only 37 that means that she is not old to undergo stroke or some diseases like that ….so I started asking forgiveness and she told me that she has already forgiven me as well as she already saw that challenge on new on the other day …..but I won’t challenge my mum again more I think that was enough ”Amina added

It’s not only Amina who challenged her mum there many more who are challenging their friends, partners, siblings ,…like  this viral video shows.


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