if you laugh you lose


As world evolves there is emergence of challenges from bottle flip to mannequin challenge ,the world has been on warmth due to various videos that shows people undergoing different challenges . it’s hard to someone when he/she is challenged by not laughing in certain instant.

Imagine you in comedy room while performance Is going on and you are told to laugh or grin. Try not to laugh has been the powerful challenge on social media, it is accompanied by video which show people doing funny things but they ask to retain your loughs.

It is somehow painful when it comes to when someone asks you to retain your emotions ,it maybe also impossible in the case you are starring to funny video like this :

But don’t condemn yourself if  you loose to this challenge as well as sometime you laugh at laughable and trauma events .For those who laugh at serious situation Psychology has got an answer to you too.

According to Lickerman, 2011  refers to as ‘nervous laughter‘, suggesting that this response is both for reassurance and also a means to build resilience in the face of potential trauma, specifically.

This may explain why some psychologists classify humor as one of the “mature” defense mechanisms we invoke to guard ourselves against overwhelming anxiety (as compared to the “psychotic,” “immature,” and “neurotic” defense mechanisms). Being able to laugh at traumatic events in our own lives doesn’t cause us to ignore them, but instead seems to prepare us to endure them. So if you loose to” try not to laugh  challenge “ while it seemed to be traumatic don’t call yourself a coward  cause there even people who laugh at the funerals

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