It’s time for Paris to get naked as they get their first nudist park


About 10 naturists enjoyed being able to bare it all in Bois de Vincennes park after the space loosened its dress code on Friday.

Nestled close to a bird reserve the designated area will welcome nudists until October 15.

But birdwatchers keen on spotting any blue tits won’t need to worry as warning signs have been placed along the path pointing the right way to the enclosure. French nudists can strip down in a Paris parkThe naturists celebrated the opening of the park

Nudists in the French capital have long demanded the right to strip down in the green space rather than travel further afield.

There are about 400 nudist beaches and camping sites in France where a whopping 2.5 million people embrace a more free-spirited mindset.

Surprisingly, the famously amorous French have not opened nudist areas in the capital until now.

The Paris Nudist Association celebrated the opening and hopes more nudist hotspots will remove taboos about the pastime.The section will be open until October

Spokesman Julien Penury said: “Nudism is not only a summer thing taking place on beaches. It’s an everyday thing.

“It’s a way of life, with values. So, people who don’t know this way of life and see in nudism something shocking, shameful or disrespectful should see things in a different way, because nudity is nothing shameful.”

The capital’s Mayor Anne Hidalgo said the new space is “part of an open-minded vision for the use of Parisian public spaces.”

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