Kylie Jenner got dissed real bad by one of her exes in his latest track


The cosmetics mogul always seems to end up on their songs in one way or another – and it’s not always kind words.

Kylie’s ex-boyfriend Tyga dropped a diss track about her following both of their splits.Image result for kylie jenner body 2017

Now another one of her lyrically gifted exes is rapping about their relationship.

The 20-year-old’s former flame PartyNextDoor has mentioned her on his new song Break Me Down.

The duo are thought to have dated briefly last year when she was on a break from Tyga.

The song is about PartyNextDoor getting through “personal s***” and pining after a girl who left him a long time ago.Image result for kylie jenner and partynextdoor together

He desperately wants to get her back and he’s asking her to call him while he’s having a meltdown.It goes: “Help me slip in and out that jam, woah, woah.

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