Life is unfair: Seven-Year-Old Boy’s Daily Struggle With An Enormous Tumour That Has destroyed His vision

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Ali Hassan is from a remote village in the eastern region of Pakistan, and is unable to see out of his right eye due to the horrible lump.

Mailonline Reports that when the mass began to form are unclear, but medical literature assumes he may have lived with the growth for years.His father Muhammad Mansha, whose age is unknown, has desperately appealed for the treatment of his son in Lahore where resources aren’t as limited.

The family reside in the Pakpattan district of the Punjab province – around 129 miles (207km) from Lahore. There’s no speculation about what the tumour is

Bongre Anton Peter’s parents were told that it was retinoblastoma, which they tried solving by using black magic. Doctors in his own country said his disease was in stage four, and that he had just weeks to live without treatment.

Retinoblastoma, which is believed to affect one in every 20,000 births, is cancerous and can often prove to be fatal, Dr Mary Lowth wrote for a detailed review of the rare form of eye cancer, the former GP with 20 years of experience said: ‘Children whose retinoblastoma is very advanced have a much lower chance of survival.’

Patrick Tonks, chief executive of the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust, told MailOnline: ‘Retinoblastoma is a rare and aggressive childhood cancer.Fortunately, thanks to early diagnosis, the availability of appropriate treatment and our NHS health infrastructure, we have never seen a case like this in the UK.‘Globally, mortality from retinoblastoma is about 70 per cent in developing countries compared to 2 per cent in the UK.’

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