Marriage Proposal prank gone wrong


Just in time for telling her how deep you love her, prepare to have your jaw drop at the lengths that some guys have gone to completely shock their girlfriends. We’re not suggesting that prank marriage proposals are a great way to go — you definitely have to have a sense of humor — but you do have to admit, they’re definitely a memorable way to start your engagement. See what we mean below.

It’s can’t be something to handle , if you get pranked by someone you love but you have to accept it too cause it must happen. Guys this could ruin you relationship anyway, you are asking yourselves how ?

The response is easy, Imagine if your girl friend has a heart attack or she early  jumps to decisions. There will be an immediate break up or you will be taking other days and days to get her back ,please make sure about who you are pranking as long as you pay attention about who you love.


Meanwhile this is the  conceptional prank played by BigDawgsTV and it has melted the internet, now by watching it you may realize the  Drama king and Queen. So far how would you perceive to be pranked by your beloved one ?

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