Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj take subliminal shots on instagram


You swallow it or you spit it !:


Instagram is a cesspool of sh!tty content. But here we are. Jay-Z’s new album has had a ripple affect and the wave has Meek and Nicki fighting again.

Nicki made a post that said the following:

Oh so u niggaz gon sit up here & act like #Wifey aint BEEN tell y’all 1. Don’t lose the baddest girl in the world. #EricBenet 2. Stop throwing money ya ass ain’t rlly got. 3. Stop posting them tired stacks on the gram ???????????????? oh but when Jay say it it’s #bible tho. Bad btchs unite!!!! We ain’t BEEN droppin jewels on these niggaz behind closed doors? ???????????????????? tuh! ????????????❣️ every girl is making one of these 3 faces at a nigga right now. ???? womp womp #PrettyGang ???? #FAX

Well, of course Meek was ready and available for the trolling. He fired back with this post.

He eventually deleted the post. Ahhhh, so much for savagery. Ain’t these people all over 30 though? Damn. I guess we just gonna continue like we teenagers until we 40 or 50? Who am I to judge? I just wrote about it. Let me get a drink.

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