Meet the magic Water Slide in Brazil


i always have mixture feelings when it comes  water slide  but i like it even though my friends are always scared of riding…..Because who the hell doesn’t like to ride a bad-ass water slide? Even if you’re afraid of heights and can’t swim this is still a thrill you can enjoy as it requires no effort or skill. As long as you can walk up the stairs you’re ready to stand up and ride with me


We have eyewitness ,Silas who needs to go to the largest water slide in the world,Insano,here is what he told YEGOB Reporter ” i have already dove in  Slip N Fly, Koh Phangnan, Thailand,BSR Wake Park, Waco, Texas,Città del Mare, Italy but not yet in Insano, Brazil

It looks so scary but i know it has some better feeling inside,i have to encounter this thriller for gettting some joy,With a fitting name,  this used to be the World’s Tallest Water Slide, standing at 135-feet tall and reaching speeds up to 65 mph.

I have been googling about  Insano ,and The Brazilian beach park website describes the Insano as the most extreme equipment of this type of the planet. Constructed in 1989, the thrill ride attracts dare devils from all over the world

i can’t wait to ride slide in Insano after watching viral video of a man who took a sip there,i know it won’t be easy but i will be sending you my similar video from there too” Silas from Finland

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