Miley Cyrus’s Prank on Justin Bieber Goes in wrong way????????????????


It starts as Miley was elaborating her plan of how she was gonna have Justin Bieber pranked by some skateboarders but what happens next blows away Miley’s mind and leave her open mouthed….

When Justin Bieber arrives, everything goes as planned; he parks his car and he is aggressively insulted by skateboarders and told to find another parking space. All of a sudden, one of them insults him to his parents and he’s somersaulted by Justin to the ground and gets a bonus too!

It gets hot for Miley as one of his men gets kicked to the balls and she is in deep fear and is left with no words but just openmouthed…

The truth is revealed later when Justin Bieber comes back and shows her that he is the King of pranks and that he cannot be pranked