MISS BUMBUM 2017: World’s most curvaceous bubble butts unite for girl-on-girl action


The annual booty pageant sees a panel of judges select Brazil’s sexiest female behinds.The 27 finalists in this year's Miss Bum Bum contest hit the streets of Sao Paulo

The fierce competion will be held on November 6 in San Paulo, Brazil – and this year looks set to be the biggest yet.The girls were in town for the launch of this year's competition

Dozens of wannabe butt barers will go head-to-head in the ultimate rump challenge.

The winner will take home 50,000 Brazilian reals (£12,270), endorsements and become an instant celebrity.

The hopefuls paraded their scantily-clad figures around San Paulo’s financial district to promote the pageant.The girls hit one of Sao Paulo's busiest streets for the launch's annual promotional raceCompetitors didn't look like they were exerting themselves too much during the race Despite the relaxed pace, the cameraman was left trailing in the rear The girls didn't stick to running all day, instead opting to hop on the subwayThe public can now vote for their favourite girl from a shortlist on the website


Organisers have said bums bigger than 42 inches are banned this year The competition is reportedly set to be 'more elegant' this yearEventually the contestants emerged from the underground and hit the streets again

Dressed in form-fitting black one-pieces, the girls stopped traffic as they stomped the streets in next to nothing.Judging for the contest officially began yesterday at 6pm

The high-neck swimsuits were cut insanely high on the leg and revealed every inch of their curvaceous figures.

But what they didn’t show in cleavage, they definitely made up for in booty.This contestant could't resist giving her rival's booty a cheeky peck

Some of em were very friendly indeed to where they could’nt  holdthemselves but madeout in public.These scantily-clad hopefuls got a bit frisky during the launch

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