Miss BUMBUM Suzy Cortez claims that she can already predict the 2018 Worldcup winner

Suzy Cortez, who won the illustrious crown in 2015, is gearing up for the tournament by offering fans a treat.

The stunning brunette has just been signed up by Playboy Portugal as their World Cup mascot, and she has promised to give them the inside track.

Her method for predicting the results will be to use her infamous rear end, which she believes has special powers.

Instagram star Suzy Cortez can predict the World cup results

She said: “My butt will be the new World Cup oracle.

“I hope to bring good luck to Brazil.”

Miss Cortez plans to paint her award winning bum with the colour of the team’s strip who she thinks will win.

She believes that this will give them good luck and they will then go on to win the match.

The Brazilian beauty, obviously backing her own team, delighted her own fans when by winding up their rivals’ star player.

Barcelona fan Suzy sent a number of provocative tweets to Argentinian Lionel Messi, who is a happily married man.

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