Mum was left with sagging breasts after £11,000 boob job goes totally wrong


A woman has been left with ‘breasts like udders’ after an £11k boob job went horribly wrong.

Stephanie Lopez, 27, was left with two sagging breasts after the botched boob job when the silicone implants detached from her body.

Stephanie, from Haslet, Texas, decided to enhance her A cup breasts to a size D when she was just 17.

But just two months after having the op, she realised something was seriously wrong.

Stephanie’s silicone implants had detached from her breast tissue, causing them to permanently droop down.

After spending almost a decade with her uneven boobs, she applied for a TV show that specialised in fixing botched surgery.

The upper picture was right after she came from the horrible surgeery but afterwards she got the best surgery…

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