Never underestimate a woman!


The religious view of creation is that a woman was created after the man and it is said that God removed one of the man’s ribs to get the job done! With this story men, with all their naivety, pride and arrogance, always tend to think that they are better than women in any aspect apart from house chores and other girlish stuffs.

Most of traditional beliefs have always given a woman the last place in the family; even after the male child. This has lead to mistreatment of girls and women over the past decades for they were viewed as sex toys, birth machines and house maids. A woman could never speak in presence of a man; it is even worse, for in some Asian cultures female babies were always killed with the explanation that they are useless but with development and civilization people have come to their senses and started acknowledging the power of a woman. This was not done by grace but with the hard work of women in  proving all those myths and beliefs wrong.

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