Nicki Minaj broke the internet tonight as she called herself” Exotic b*ch”


Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj is on one tonight. The hip-hop diva has people thirsting over a new batch of steamy pics from a secret photo shoot and promise to deliver new music at midnight.

Nicki , Khaled,and Future Dropped “I can’t even lie “ but this song has full meaning of beef between Remy and Nicki .in the verse of Nicki,she said

“Queen back in the US
Low iron, but you pressed
Who lied and said you next?
Crying emojis in my group texts
Stay in your bum ass duplex
It’s Minaj, no group sex
Queen never shuffle, you deal
Just turned down a four million dollar shoe deal
Keep your man off my Instagram, bitch
Ninety-nine problems but ain’t one of them, bitch
G4 fly even when I land, bitch
Lookin like Pocahontas, yeah, they want my land, bitch
I’m just exotic, bitch, chronic, bitch
Shoe game on psychotic, bitch
Yes, I am iconic, bitch
Pussy get ’em hooked like phonics, sis
Every ball player tryna find this bitch
Ball hard, but I’m too fine to fine this bitch
I graduated with honors, bitch
I’m the truth like a motherfuckin honest, bitch
Full throttle switch, pick a side, pick a side, they gotta switch
Big Mac billboard out in Times Square
And I ain’t talkin ’bout McDonald’s bitch”

Who is McDonald’s b!tch I think you know the truth….listen to full song here :


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