Only one thing men can’t ignore on every woman


Human nature may always be somewhat of a mystery, but the male mind is not as the Model and vine star Andrea Espada played in the following video :

There’s no denying looks change and preferences shift, but when it comes to figuring out what guys want, you’ve just got to look at the trends. And we, my friends, are swimming in ass.A curved spine represents a woman’s ability to collect food late in pregnancy, as well as give birth with greater ease.

But looking past evolutionary and aesthetic reasons, I think there’s another reason men are attracted to women for their spines.

I’m ready to talk about what actually makes a woman desirable, which has less to do with her backside and more to do with the strength of her theoretical spine.

She stands up for what she believes in,She gives it to you straight,She doesn’t fall easily,She’s strong enough to carry your burdens,She puts her back into it,She’s a support system,She’s willing to bend over backwards for you… if you treat her right,She’s hard to break

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